Important People

The Carlyle Expedition

Roger Carlyle

The head of the eponymous Carlyle expedition, mostly a rich playboy who had become enamored with Egyptian legends and lore at the urging of his new ‘consort’, M’weru. He was the main financier and initiator. Currently missing. Only known associations are his sister, Erica Carlyle.

Dr. Robert Ellington Huston

A prominent New England psychiatrist who was the personal shrink to Roger Carlyle, treating him for some unknown malady. His official role on the expedition was to continue the treatment of Roger Carlyle, though many rumors persist regarding him.

Viscount Pevensey, Sir Aubrey Penhew

Prominent Egyptologist and member of the British Nobility, very prosperous and well known. Heads up the ‘Penhew Foundation’ for funding and supporting Egyptian expeditions and other studies.

Miss Hypatia Celestine Masters

Heiress to the Masters armaments fortune, master of various languages and an interest in photography. Publicly dated Roger Carlyle several times in an on-again off-again relationship, but there is no clear reason why she was involved at all with the expedition

Jack Oriel “Brass” Brady

Bodyguard, friend, and confidant to Roger Carlyle.


Strange African woman seen at various times associating with Roger Carlyle prior to the departure of the expedition.

New Yorkers

Jackson Elias

Good friend of yours, author of archaeological books, explorer, and socialite. Recently killed in a strange ritual murder.

Professor Cowles

Author of many papers on strange cults and groups throughout the africas and south pacific regions.

Erica Carlyle

Sister of Roger Carlyle, has been a social recluse since the discovery of the murder of the entire Carlyle expedition, obviously upset with her brother’s vanishing.

Miriam Atwright

Local librarian?

Lt. Martin Poole

Detective in charge of investigating the death of Jackson Elias.

Jonah Kensington

Jackson Elias’ publisher and long time friend.

Important People

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