Ju-Ju House

In middle of Harlem.
Proprietor: Silas N’Kuane
Most of his inventory is tribal Ritualistic items including masks etc. All of it is authentic.

Silas has a key hanging from a necklace. After nervously denying nearly every question posed to him he attacks with a knife like the one used by the cultists that killed Jackson Elias.

There’s a hidden passage under the Shop. There’s a large, locked door that leads to a larger room. This room is filled with tribal drums and a well that has a winch.

4 Zombies are encountered here. After defeating the Zombies we found several items in the alcove.

Robe, tiger claw gloves, book “Africa’s Dark Sects”, mask, Scepter, bowl, headband. Mask has the symbol that was on Elias’ forehead.

Will’s character, Mr Dumbass, puts on the mask.

Ju-Ju House

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